Supplier Relationship Management

Managing interaction and practice with suppliers, to enhance the strategic sourcing process and management controls.


Production Management

Our production management service help clients to improve efficiency and mitigate production and delivery-related risks.


Quality Inspection Service

We provide quality control and inspection services to ensure products are in conformance within standards throughout your supply chain.


Contract Management

With our contract management solution, we can protect your interest and secure the supply chain through compliance enforcement.


Logistics Service

We are partnering with logistics service providers to implement efficient and cost effective logistics solution that works for our clients at best.


Our Service




  • RISK

Continental Solution offer integrated solutions for business to reap the benefits and advantages of using procurement and sourcing technology, which help the business to acquire greater saving, enhanced visibility and control over vendors and supply chain risk management throughout whole process. We can help you secure the best deals from each transaction while supervising and maintaining the quality of products. We also give great focus on suppliers relationship, in terms of supplier’s collaboration and responsiveness during the procurement course, contract compliance and obligation fulfillment.

We are committed to providing exceptional services to meet client's high expectation of our management performance.

  • Facilitating collaboration for improved visibility and transparency
  • Integrating sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics process
  • Controlling supply chain costs and risk and improving efficiency
  • Quickly respond to client's different and special needs

Profitability is the prime drive

Improving profitability is the prime drive for companies to adopt oversea procurement strategies. We using spend analysis to analyze your product costs into different categories, such as materials, production,logistics and other related service and identify potential saving oppornutieis to control and reduce the cost components and enables clients to achieve great cost saving results and improve their cost competitiveness in the market.

Cost reduction means profit

We always prove to our clients that small savings from each cost element will add up large savings at the end, and giving our clients the assurance that we deliver our promises based on results and facts. We help clients to improve their profit margin on the production cost side and take full advantage of sourcing from low cost countries. 


Ensuring products quality, consistency and compliance

We highly focus on product quality, suppliers compliance to standard and managing production to meet client's requirement. We have three main framework to manage quality and production operation that deliver exceptional results to our clients.

  • Quality Inspection Program

  • Our Quality Inspection Program sends out quality inspector based on production schedule to inspect the product quality randomly to ensure the product quality to meet the standard.

  • Supplier Selection Process

  • Continental Solution’s supplier selection process is a managed analytic solution that integrates suppliers’ data from multiple source systems and presents it to client through it clear and easy to understand scorecard reports.

  • Product Life-cycle Management

  • Life cycle management is a production management approach to ensure production is manageable in each stage to target, organize, analyze and manage production to meet the schedule, quality and cost.

Solutions to reduce risk in supply chain management

Risks in oversea procurement is the key reason of most of companies are reluctant to adopting oversea procurement strategies. Procurement without adequate risk management is endangering the companies’ supply chain and put companies into great product and financial risk with oversea suppliers.

Continental Solution provides solution for companies to capture the cost saving benefit from oversea procurement while the sourcing risk is effectively eliminated or contained. Our integrated risk management approach that is able to identify, assess, and manage risk during any points of the procurement process.

We constantly monitoring the procurement process, and quickly recognize potential adverse events, be proactive and forward-looking, and establish appropriate risk responses and mechanisms, thereby reducing surprises and the costs or losses associated with procurement risk.


logistics management