Current Projects In July


2013 so far is a busy year for us, we expand our great focus on industrial manufacturing, as we insist on strong competitive advantage of this sector in terms of cost-pricing, quality standard compliance.

Below were some of procurement projects are have done recently, the feedback from clients were highly positive, we will continue our work for excellence to service our clients in coming projects.

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking Beams manufactured to AS4084-2012 Standards, with deflection rate of 1/250. Fully tested in weight and pressure Lab to 100% match the required weight loading.

Roll Forming Machine & Hydraulic Decoiler

20 stands Roll Forming Machine customized designed for Colorbond Steel Sheet roll forming with 3 years warranty on the machine.

Fully Automatic Hydraulic Decoiler with computer control, comes with hydraulic powered coil car to automatically load the steel coil to the decoiler.

Hopper Bottom Grain Steel Silo

65.5m3Grain Hopper Bottom Steel Silo, designed with ladder climbing, observation window, manhole feeding and bottom personnel access channel.

Materials are made with 275g/m zinc galvanized steel sheets and waterproof design for minimum 15 years life span, with maximum 50 tonne of loading weight of all types of grains


—Continental Solution Procurement Team

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