• Production & Order on Project Basis

  • Customized Metal Fabrication

  • Cooperative Products Development

  • Consistent Lead Time & Shipping



  • Meet Standards Compliance

  • Meet Specification Requirement

  • Sample Testing Prior Production

  • Optimizing Production Procedure



  • Achieve Costing Competitiveness

  • Economic Scale over Large Quantity

  • Confidentiality on Product Infomation

  • Exclusive Supplying Contract


Continental Solution™ is a company based in China region that are specializing in industrial manufacturing and trading in exporting markets. We have strong local manufacturing network and with our own manufacturing facilities in WUXI, Jiangsu Province, we are committed to work with our clients to develop and manufacture products in China within required quality and standards and deliver cost effective results.

Total Manufacturing Process


We offer one stop manufacturing solution, that comprises material, fabrication and surface treatment, also assembling components into one package.


Flexibility in Manufacturing

trading risk

We are flexible to make products with specific design and special requirement, and we deliver customized manufacturing to your needs.


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Our Partnership Program

Continental Solution is committed to build partnership with the aim to improve operating efficiency and work collaboration with your expertise in your industries. The partnership is designed for creating group synergy, competitive edge and knowledge sharing. For more information, please CLICK HERE