Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing is the most complex and diverse area of manufacturing; Continental Solution are both coordinating and manufacturing industrial products that meet client business need with cost management, quality standard, and bring the qualified products into oversea markets.

More Than Just Manufacturing

China has different quality standard than other countries, especially in Western countries, the standards are often higher than local Chinese products. This sometime gives perception that Chinese products are inferior than Western, though the standards actually are making the difference here.

Continental Solution is specialized in manufacturing for exporting market, and we fully understand the requirement and standards of exported destination country.

The industrial products we sourced are specifically manufactured to the required standards accordingly. Therefore, we strictly comply the requirement and standards that clients were claimed.

Costing Advantage

While to comply higher oversea standards and requirement, we may deal with higher production cost in terms of material, manufacturing process and methodologies. Nevertheless, we actively manage the production cost in every aspect, and aim to make the products with favorable cost advantage, while to make our business more competitive as well.

Continental Solution in Industrial Manufacturing

Continental Solution started as international trading business in 2008. Over the years, the manufacturing industry has become one of our most knowledgeable areas. We are very well connected with local industries and we have create healthy business synergy with other manufacturers, to utilize our business partners expertise and equipment to better address product quality, production efficiency and more cost effective.

Manufacturing Categories

Reinforcing Mesh


  • Steel Trading

  • Metallic Coated Metal

  • Aluminum Extrusion

  • General Mesh

  • Reinforcing Mesh

  • Steel Frames

  • Metal Casting

metal fabrication

Custom Fabrication

  • Casting

  • Heat Treatment

  • Welding

  • Bending

  • Stamping &Punching

  • CNC & Laser Machining

  • Coating & Galvanizing

rugs mats sourcing

  Industrial Equipment

  • Powered Conveyor

  • Gravity Conveyor

  • Roll Forming

  • Steel Coil Feeder

plastic mould


  • Plastic Injection Mould

logistics management