Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabrication service includes work with stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum fabrication. In areas of punching, bending, forming, welding, stamping as well as CNC or laser cutting for precision.

We offer customized fabrication service that covers all required steel works and we are capable of undertaking high volume production, and complete the production within required time-frame.

Full Range of Fabrication Service

Continental Solution has its own 3,000 m2 manufacturing facility in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, with two of 10 tonnes overhead cranes.

We are well equipped for metal fabrication service in areas of: punching, bending, welding, drilling, stamping as well as CNC machining and laser cutting.

We fabricate products for a wide range of clients and industries, we strive to provide exceptional service with attention to quality and detail. We are making products are truly meet and exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Exporting Quality

We are taking "Quality First" approach in our manufacturing business, that we understand quality is the most important aspect of manufacturing, and avoid taking corners and shortcuts on costing which comprise the quality standards.

We strictly comply with client's required quality and oversea standards, that products are safe and qualified for using at oversea market.

We are consistently working with clients and provide samples for testing prior production, so both ends had confidence to move forward the projects.

Cost Competitiveness

We are working hard to provide quality products while the cost are still remain competitive.

By working with local manufacturers and utilize others expertise and equipment, we aim to achieve better production cost and efficiency, while keep the main fabrication work in house.

Continental Solution also welcome clients to advice us the budget of project, we are guided to work within cost discretion.

Design & CAD Drawing

Continental Solution provides product design solutions based on given product information and designed purpose, and we make the product prototypes for client review.

We also cooperate with client's engineer on product development and input ideas and advises, we help to source parts and components that were available here in China.

All our product design, CAD drawing service are free to our clients

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