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With increasing demand from clients on emphasis on costing and customized fabrication works, our newly set up factory Wuxi Xin Guan Metal Products co.,ltd to accommodate project's overall costing and customized products fabrications.

Our Factory are working on products within general fabrications, such as folding, bending, cutting, punching and welding, and we sub-contract jobs for powder coating, laser cutting, CNC machining and hot hip or cold galvanized.

We also provide free CAD drawing and product design service, with sample provided for testing and quality control.

Our Factory Service

Over the years, we have gathered expertise and experience in fabrication field, our factory is worked to improve costing structure of on products we can manufacture ourself, especially customized products usually cost more due to less economic scale. That is the main reason of setting up the factory is to achieve the costing performance on overall project or just single product for our clients.

  • Offer fully customized metal works and

  • CAD drawings design free service

  • Samples can be made for testing and examination prior production

  • Flexible manufacturing process to work with modifications and adjustments.

Standards & Quality

We are fully comply to client's Standards and Quality requirement in designated countries. We manufacture with provided drawing of allowed tolerance, or we provide our designed solutions and with testing results.


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