Supplier Affiliate Program

We strive to work with suppliers that are willing to support our business objectives and embrace our values. We are looking for capable, experienced and cooperative suppliers to join our supplier affiliate program from China region.

Our Supplier Affiliate Program

Our Supplier Affiliate Program - a program that aims to develop high performance of our supplier chain service through expanding relationship and networks with capable manufacturing partners from China region who can bring distinguished experience and expertise into our suppliers portfolios..

Key Points on Supplier Selection

Continental Solution is committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality products and services, we require our suppliers to maintain and uphold these same high standards. At Continental Solution, supplier performance is a key factor in maintaining our reputation for excellence and client's satisfaction. Therefore, suppliers must be able to offer:

— Capability

Provide reliable and adequate manufacturing capability. We expect our suppliers to continuously develop its production capability in their respective fields.

— Quality

Compliance with our clients' requirements. We expect high-quality, reliable, defect-free materials developed through quality control, process management and continuous process improvements.

— Responsiveness

Adjusting and adapting to meet our clients' changing requirements. We expect our suppliers to be responsive to these needs, as well as maintain specified requirements and flexibility for changes.

— Contracts & Financial

We expect our suppliers are able to fully comply contract terms and condition, and provide genuine financial records to demonstrate healthy and stable financial position in foreseeable future.

— Delivery

Meeting exact product quantity and schedule requirements as we expects 100 percent on-time delivery.

— Cost 

Pricing that contains reasonable profit margins with a minimum total cost. Our company expects its suppliers to identify and eliminate non-productive costs and expensive operations. 

Please send your company information which contains the following:

An introductory cover letter, including business type, Information on your company, business registration & certification and products and services. and a contact details from your company.

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