Supplier Selection Process

Searching for competency only

Searching and identify suppliers

We implement supplier selection and evaluation program to search and identify qualified and eligible suppliers the client’s requirement. Choosing an adequate supplier into company's supply chain is the critical part of oversea procurement that ensuring the suppliers have the capacity to deliver the quality production at acceptable cost. Our program shortlist a preliminary suppliers list to for initial review and assessment, we work with clients with the reference from the evaluation scorecard report to determine the most applicable supplier.

Criteria of suppliers screening program

The supplier evaluation process comprises ten criteria to determine each supplier scorecard report in comparing with other alternative suppliers. Each criteria has defined weight in total scoring points, the weight of each criteria is flexible to be adjusted to match client’s procurement strategies. For example, if clients have focus on product cost in their procurement strategy, then the pricing criteria has more percentage weight in overall assessment. For more details, please read our Suppliers Evaluation & Selection Process.pdf

  • Product Quality

  • Pricing

  • Financial Stability

  • Contract Terms

  • Production Capacity

  • Product Liability Insurance

  • Experience

  • Technical Compliance

  • Production Duration

  • Geographic Location

^ Tendering service are also available.

Secondary review of selected suppliers

Based on the findings from suppliers screening program; we choose three most qualified suppliers after discussion and deliberation with clients.

Requesting product samples for testing and evaluation and forward the report and sample to client for further assessment. Lab testing will be conducted if required.

Final review of selected suppliers

With sampling result and factory on-site inspection, we conclude the most appropriate supplier to be nominated for the project.

We also list the other supplier as our alternative suppliers in case of production disruption with primary supplier to ensure the production sourcing project will have minimum impact on unforeseeable circumstances.

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