Surface Treatment

All our metal products are been undergone sufrace treatment before shipping for purpose of color, corrosion resistance.

Most common treatment were powder coating, zinc galvanizing, spray painting. We give pre-treatment of metal prior treatment, to ensure the coating are durable and long lasting.

Powder Coating

We poweder coating metals to large variteies of colors, and we able to match color sample swatch by 95%. Our standard powder coating wtih thickness 80-90μm. Clients are welcome to advise the thickness required.

We gives pre-treatment of metals prior powder coating, to rid of grease and dirts to ensure the coating are free of flaking and inconsistent color. We apply sand blasting first, then caustic bath to remove dirts and rust.

Zinc Galvanzing

We offer two type of zinc galcanziing on steels, that is hot dip galvanziing and cold galovanzing.

Similar to powder coating, metals has been into caustic bath prior galnvanzing.

Hot Dip - Steel immerse in molten zinc bath to creat hard and tough zinc alloy layers. It is suitable for outdoor enviroment for maximum corrossion protection of steel.

Cold - Zinc spays to steels at all angles at control rate for required thickness, it is suitable for indoor application with basic corrosion protection.

Spay Painting

Prior spay painting, we also apply sand blasting and caustic bath to remove oil and rust.

We apply two layer of paint on the metal product. First layer is the anti-rust primer that apply to base metal and painting surface, therefore steel products can endure extenal mositure enviroment.

Second layer are applied with expony paint, it gives long lasting protection under corrossive enrivoment of chemical and salt.

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